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School composition

My favorite animal (dog)
I like lots of animals: horse, cat, hamster, parrot. But my favorite dog. There is a proverb: "a Dog is man's best friend" and indeed it is. Dogs bring joy and happiness to its owner. They're very loyal to his master, guarding the house from strangers. They give us their warmth, love, affection, and lift our spirits.

There are a great many breeds of dogs. There are little dogs, there are large, fluffy and short hair, white, brown, black. Each owner chooses a dog to their liking.

My dog's name is sherry, her breed sharpei. It's just a wonderful animal! It is impossible not to love. Their appearance it resembles a toy from a child's world, because the whole crease. It is so nice to hug, she's soft and warm. One day my friend came to my house and heard a strange sound scared. And in the corner on the Mat slept in sherry and very loud snoring. I explained to him that dogs of this breed can do, and he was very surprised. She came to us very little and we began to domesticate him. It wasn't easy, but we got it all. Sherry is very smart, knows commands.We do it for very long taught. She loved to play and hide household items. She is especially fond of my Slippers. Hide somewhere andwe then looking for them all day while she ran next to happy and cheerful. It is always very fun, loves to play ball or something soft. If we go somewhere sherry really misses us, so we going leave her the radio on, so she wasn't sad. When we meet again she is very happy and rejoices at our arrival, jumping on us and licking me with his warm, wet tongue. She is very bound to us. When I'm sad, she's sad together with me when I rejoice and sherry are happy.Every morning my beauty accompanies me to school, standing at the door and wagging his tail as if to say, "hurry Back!"

Today every family lives a pet. But in my opinion, loyal dog there is. I love my sherry.

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