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School composition

My favorite animal (cat)
My favorite animal is the cat, because he lives in our home and all our family love him. But most of all I love him because he's my friend. Our cat's name is Mus. My mom brought it from the street in the winter, in a snowstorm. Someone threw out, and mom felt sorry for, because he very plaintively cried. We washed him and fed. Mus was very small and fluffy, and mom said that he is a girl, we called her Musya. And when a month passed, it turned out that he is a boy, and we renamed it the Mus. Now he's a big and beautiful ginger cat with a huge tail.

Deal with a very smart cat. In the summer we go for a walk with him in the yard, and he never runs away from me. When mom sends me to the store, you Mus always follow me, and then waiting at the store when I get out. He loves to walk, but never run away. We even take it to the river, to swim however he likes, and the river does not climb. We take Musya, when we go to the cottage, he likes it a lot. Once he caught a mouse and brought us to show us to his praise.

I once fell heavily in the street and broke his knee, ran home, I was bleeding and was very painful. Mom washed my wound smeared green paint, this was more painful, and I cried, and Deal climbed to my hands, and began to lick my cheeks. It's him I'm so sorry, and I felt better.

And recently, here's what happened. I had a birthday and I invited friends. My classmate Peter brought me as a gift a real live parrot in a cage. We were all very surprised with this gift! And our cat happened something strange. When he saw the parrot, it was like crazy running around the house, on the couch, on the table, in General, on where able to climb. When he had calmed down, I decided to get the parrot out of the cage, and tried to shove his paw. It was very funny, but not a parrot, he was frightened and began wildly screaming.We had to clean the cage on the rack, and Deal with went under this bookcase. We thought that he will lie and he will be bored, but there it was! Our cat decided to take the parrot into submission. He stopped eating and drinking, stopped going to walk, I think he stopped even to sleep. All the time, by day and by night he lay under a Cabinet and looked at the cage. So three days passed. We have already started to worry for the cat, and the parrot because the parrot was too bad, he had sat on the perch, facing into the wall. And then my mom and dad discussed it and decided that parrot need to do something with.So we are gifting this to my gift to my cousin, he wanted to have something to pet. And Deal with a few more days went not himself. But then I forgot this story and began to live his normal life.

I love my cat because he's my best friend!

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