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School composition

My family
My family consists of four people – a father, mother, myself and my younger brother. Our family is very friendly and cheerful.

My mom's name is Anna. She is kind and very beautiful. My mom works in a hospital as a nurse. Her work is very necessary and important. She helps the sick to recover, puts them injections and droppers, measuring temperature, and gives the pills. And my mom regrets all who are ill, who are ill. Our neighbors and just people are often asking my mom to get a shot, or ask, what pill to drink and the mother never denies. And once our neighbor asked my mother to get a shot of her cat because the cat got sick, and of course, mom did, because she's very very good!

My dad's name is Gregory. He is a very strong and cheerful. My dad works in a factory as an engineer. He has a very difficult job, and dad went to school at the Institute to work on such difficult work. My dad is at work building helicopters, makes drawings, it's all very complicated, but the Pope manages, because he's very smart.

I have a younger brother his name is max and he is only two years, he only recently started to go to kindergarten. When Maxim was not there, and my whole family was waiting for him, I really wanted him to hurry was born, imagine how we'll play together. And then he was born and he turned out to be a very, very small, and play was not able, he is even walking could not. But he was able to cry loudly both day and night! Mom said he will grow and you'll learn, I began to wait, when he grows up, but he's very slowly growing.And with the advent of the Maxim I have added many different things, I began to help my mother because she was very tired with Maxim. And then he finally learned to walk and began to throw and break my toys. At first I was very offended at him, but my mom explained to me that he is still very young, and the offense it is not necessary that he still does not understand everything, but he will grow up and understand everything. But my brother is still very funny and amusing!

My dad love to go fishing, Maxim we do not take with them, it is still small, we go together. Dad gave me a small fishing rod specifically for me! She is very beautiful and comfortable. However, I still do not know how to ' bait the hook, but my dad helps me a lot, but otherwise I fish along with him! Every time we organize a competition for who caught the fish, and once I won, dad caught three fish! And then dad told me that I'm a real fisherman, and I was very pleased.

I love my family very much!

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