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School composition

My family
Essay for class 3 on the topic "My family"

My grandmother always said that family is the most important thing a man can have. Growing up, I see it every day. My family is not very big, it consists of 6 people. This is my mom, dad, sister, grandpa and grandma.

My mom is the most kind and caring in the world. She cares about everyone in our family. And I think that if mom would be home at least 1 day, in our family there will be something terrible. Maloletki have a lot of work to cook to eat, clean the apartment, wash, Pat, to teach me lessons. And, frankly, because of my laziness, she's wasting so much time and effort. I every time I promise her to try, but I'm somehow still not very good. By profession she is a teacher, very fond of her children for her kindness and justice. Now mommy is on maternity leave to care for my sister who is about to turn 2 years old.

Anitacska, the so-called little sister, very smart and naughty girl. I like to play with her to draw and read books. I really hate it when mom trusts me to stay with SIS while she is busy with household chores. I just feel adults need.

My dad is very serious. Not to be trifled with. But at the same time, he's just, just so to punish me will not. He has Golden hands. Would not undertake, all turns out! And make, and mend and if you need to wash the dishes or vacuum! A real man should be able to all, so he says. He works as a bus driver. This is a very important and interesting profession that requires a lot of willpower, patience and perseverance. I really want to be like daddy!

I have my gold, the best in the world, grandpa and grandma d. My grandfather is very wise. He knows a lot of interesting and informative stories can give useful advice. The best lesson for me is painting with grandpa. He, like a true artist, can paint any model of car, and then, like an encyclopedia to tell about it.

My grandmother is the most affectionate. She will regret me when I will get what's coming from mom or dad. She is also a teacher, so we can easily cope with any task! And there are pies like my grandmother, no one in the world!

I have the best family in the world. My house will regret it and will tell you how to go with a particular difficult situation. I am proud of my family and will try to do everything in order to bring his family joy!

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