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School composition

My dad
I'll grow up, become big and strong. Graduating from the Institute, getting married and I will have your babies – I'm gonna be a dad. How to be a real father? What you need to do to become a good father? I have a lovely example which I will follow is my dad.

My dad's name is Alexander. He is the best father in the world. He works as a lawyer in a law office is very well versed in the laws. He is fair and kind, always cheerful, knows a lot of funny stories and anecdotes. With dad and me not afraid to walk at night on the street, and it is possible to tell about their abusers, knowing that for him, I will, like a stone wall. My favorite dad can always guide me on the right path, to help with sound advice in a difficult situation, to gain and give. For me, the Pope became a real support in my life. When I really needed to hear the advice from a knowledgeable person I always turned to my dad, who never refused to help, and always told what to do. After all, our parents want their children to be the happiest and they all turned out.Also, my dad taught me never to retreat before difficulties. Thanks to him, I do know that you should always go only forward. And if something does not work, you should not give up, you just need to be patient, to apply a bit more force to achieve the desired. After all, intractable problems simply does not happen!

He has many varied interests. In his spare time he likes to play football, he's the goalie. I always go to watch football games and are active fan. One of his Hobbies is skydiving. He began to develop recently, but has already achieved success. Made five jumps in tandem with an instructor alone and independently. I am very proud of them!

I also love to talk about how my father served on a nuclear submarine. Even though it was a long time ago. His stories are interesting and attract many listeners. He and his team made three combat campaign, sailed on a submarine, four oceans, visited different parts of many countries. With each country he has maintained his colorful souvenir. He left a great number of photos and friends. 

I want to say that for me there is no closer person on earth than my father. I want him in my life all the best.

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