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School composition

It is a beautiful fall day. The air was transparent, easy, and if you look, you can see the silver webs. The sun is still warm, warms us last heat. Warm it is not so much like summer. And there, in the distance, are covered birch trees, bright red is the Rowan. The leaves on the trees are already changing color and slowly begin to fall. As a wonderful early fall!

In this lovely weather never stay at home. It's so nice to go for a walk, to breathe the scents of autumn flowers, listen to the birds singing.

Go and see, near a small lake a beautiful Bush, and on it red berries. Get closer. Yes this is my tree viburnum! How can I not learned? I love this tree! Why does he like all my relatives? What is it so attractive to people?works

First, this Bush is very beautiful. Short, fluffy, and lots and lots of bright red berries. And between them the whispers-wide rustling bright green leaves. Ruby red grapes give Kalina a special beauty in those autumn days, when will the leaves-fall and nature will be gray and nondescript , and the sky low and dull. At this time Kalina as if warms the nature of fire-al clusters. So distant autumn storms and the glow of lightning is popularly called kalinniki.

Second, Kalina, all known for their healing properties. It turns out that a long time ago her berries for treating colds, heart disease.

And Kalina believed the wedding tree. So before the wedding, the bride gave the groom a towel, embroidered with leaves and berries of viburnum. Girly wreaths were complemented by bright fruit of viburnum. Tied with a scarlet ribbon beam of ripe viburnum berries adorned the wedding loaf; the fruit of viburnum sprinkled treats for the wedding table. And single girls wore on his head a wreath of viburnum, in order to marry well.

I looked at this wonderful Bush in this "living pharmacy" and planted it in our yard. We very carefully take care of him because the stories of my grandmother, and love, and wisdom.

And when the snow fall a white blanket on the ground, bright red berries will long burn the fire and to please the eye.

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