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School composition

How I spent my summer
I spent the summer writing for 3rd grade.

Last summer was very hot, and the family Council it was decided to go to rest at sea. Because with the money from my parents then was sparse, mum and dad decided that it would be best to go to the sea not on the voucher, and choose the budget option is to rent an apartment near the sea beach.

Dad through the Internet found us a rented house, bought train tickets, we Packed up early in the morning on the appointed day I went to the station.

I love to ride the train. Train travel some people find monotonous and uninteresting. I, however, love to look out the window and pass by strangers, unfamiliar cities.

Until Feodosia, where we planned to relax, we traveled by hired car. The car we hired was comfortable, large and with air conditioning. Arrived in the city fairly quickly, as quickly found the address where we had to live on the rest. The landlady was very kind with us, the apartment is comfortable and spacious and it was located near the sea.

The first day at sea I'll remember my whole life. Because the sea took me for the first time. I will never forget the huge blue sea that, for some reason, is called Black. White seagulls hovered over the sea surface, screamed and circled over the place where fell the bread that was thrown to them by children and tourists. We then also with my mother a few times fed the voracious gulls. The beauty of the sea impressed - that day you seemed calm and endless.

The beautiful sun was insidious and the first day I was so good in the evening - I was a little overheated with the habit. But then this would never happen again, because all the time relaxing on the beach I wore a hat. The first day I just ignored the calls mom to wear a baseball cap and walked bareheaded, so nearly got sunstroke.

The whole month we spent in Feodosia, we wanted to use and never sat in the apartment. Went on trips to the Park, the beach, bathed in the gentle and warm sea. I loved my first trip to sea, I hope that I will see the sea this year and next.

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