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School composition

Holiday mom
Mom... how many in this word of tenderness, love, warmth and care. My mother's gentle hands can always cuddle, to hold, to protect from any trouble. Gentle voice warms us on cold nights.

Moms are always busy taking care of their children. They rarely get a free moment to devote to yourself. Everything always revolves near his child. Mom helps to play, to learn the lessons, escorted to the various sections and carries on the tour. But there is one holiday of the year, when the mother needs to relax – this is the Eighth of March. In the women's day all mothers of the world must think of yourself and devote an entire day to his beloved.

My mom is young, beautiful and smart. She loves me immensely and wants the best for their child and family. So Papa realized that the mother will not be able to relax this holiday, and we decided to help her. Early morning dad woke me up and we went to cook her Breakfast, and at the same time to feed themselves. We made a delicious cheese cake in the oven and delicious coffee. Dad took a bunch of tulips, and I tray, and we opened for mom a new day.

Only mommy opened her eyes, then immediately cheered up. She began to embrace us and to kiss. It was very nice. But the surprise Breakfast was only the beginning of a good day. We invited mom for a walk. The whole family we went to the club skaters. It was a great route around all comers, and who could not, could learn. Dad taught mom. She had a funny way of falling, and then I realized all the intricacies of skating and everything turned out perfectly.

Then we eat lunch at a cafe where we ordered my mom's favorite sushi with different fillings and gave a certificate to a beauty salon. She was very happy, because of family chores, she often manages to get out of the house. We took mom to the salon, where her plan was to do my hair, nails, visit a cosmetologist and a massage. After all the wonderful treatments she was satisfied and happy.

And in the evening we went to the movies. Watched a fun family movie. Everyone really liked. Mom thanked us for a wonderful holiday that was invented for her, and was glad that we are all a loving family.

I want to say to all men, and great and yet the boys need to protect their women, be it girlfriend, mother, grandmother or beloved woman. They make adorable little gifts. And not necessarily it will buy, draw a picture, sing a song, do something with your hands. And then our moms really are sparkling eyes. Happy they can do only we are real men.

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