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School composition

Happy holiday
Today was the best day of my life! Finally arrived this wonderful day and celebration of "Miss Spring". I waited a long time for this day, and it's time to show my talents.

My parents have long disagreed to take part in this competition, because it is necessary to thoroughly prepare. But then I convinced them. The competition was divided into several stages: greeting, song, dance and create braids. For these contests I've been preparing long and hard. I helped choreographer, vocalist, seamstress, sewing costumes, and a hairdresser was doing my hair. I was very beautiful.

The greeting was very interesting and exciting. It all started with dance my girlfriends and then I came out and saw myself with a poem. The speech was delivered correctly and clearly, I'm very expressive, told verse. Everyone applauded me and classmates were very supportive. The outfit had red peas and white gloves.

The song I had an old but still popular "somewhere in the world". As I visit vocal group, this contest was for me very easy. I sang the song without mistakes and very beautiful. I had a back-up dancer girls from my class. The dress was blue, with a beautiful hem and bow.

The hairstyle competition was very exciting. I braided hair to his girlfriend Nastia. Her hair is long and thick, it was very difficult. Other contestants and their assistants hair was short, and it was easier. The braid I chose is very interesting. Before that I trained at home. It was made in the technique of four strands with a ribbon. Not all adults can create such beauty. My work was highly appreciated.

But the crown of my room became a dance. He created a sensation throughout the hall. The choreographer had prepared it in Indian style with a fun and rousing music. In dance we used the bright scarf and shawl. It helped me with my dance partner, he did all the dance work is amazing, and together we look very nice. The costumes deserve special attention. I was dressed as a true Indian with all accessories, and my assistant had a coat and tight pants. It was all in yellow-green tones. Our dance is simply unforgettable.

At the last moment the judges announced all the results. I was so scared and uncomfortable, because every girl wants to win. And my efforts were crowned with success. I won first prize! My happiness knew no bounds, and the parents very proud. This wonderful holiday I will remember for my entire life.

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