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School composition

Great weekend
Finally took the training week! All lessons, homework and books left behind. Ahead of two days off. For the entire working week I was so tired to Wake up early to do homework and couldn't relax. But that weekend, that makes me very happy.

My parents decided to spend Saturday and Sunday entertainment and shopping. Even though we live out of town, but we do not stop to jump in the car and after a while to be in a crowded and noisy city. Because of its noise we do not live in the heart of the city and the country, but to make such family outing, twice as nice.

And now the adventure begins. The first city stop we have listed the Chain. A lot of children's entertainment apparatus and children's rooms. For this I have a special card where I keep money that I will need during the games. The parents went to the nearest cafe, and I plunged into the world of entertainment.

Especially a favorite game for me always was and is a maze of Neposedy. This is a very entertaining game. There are three tiers to the sports equipment. All kinds of cushions, pillows, ropes, slides, ropes. So interesting to climb there, especially when there are children. On the ground floor there is a small dry pool with balls. During the descent from the hill you get right into it. It's a great pastime.

Then I played all the games: fishing, dancing disc, motorcycles and more. When I was all tired and my parents went to the movies. It was an interesting premiere of the cartoon. He was very fun and interesting. Like even my dad, although he doesn't like cartoons. We bought a popcorn and a coke. During the session I rested after a noisy Chain.

Then we went shopping shopping. So for me, I really like it, but for mom, dad and I all suffered. We bought all new clothes, and of course, do not forget to look at the toy store. Here is a true Paradise. How many can be in a small shop. Eyes just run away. There were all sorts of toys for boys, many cool for girls and a separate room with the art materials. I bought a designer, Rubik's cube and a drawing kit. I was very pleased.

Later we went to a children's cafe where we love to eat. And before leaving, bought in a bookstore a new book for all. This day was just wonderful. Active rest tiring, but it brings a lot of positive emotions.

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