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School composition

Favorite hobby (ballroom dancing)
Everyone has the right to a personal pastime. Someone is reading an interesting book, the other person is knitting the third drawing. Everyone is able to get involved in a variety of classes, and they bring us incredible joy.

Since childhood, I remember loving to dance to different tunes. Even when dad scored hammering nails, I heard music in these sounds. Then in kindergarten we played very often, there were many mornings where I danced various children's dances. It was very interesting and fun. I have to dance was very nice, and so I always stood first. I have since that time left a lot of pictures.

Now I go to school, but the fascination remained, too, is ballroom dancing. But now I do it professionally. I have a partner, and together we participate in different competitions. Each dance is something special, it has a certain charm and grace. Every movement filled with love and tenderness. All the spectators admiring our couple when the partner gently holds me back, and we circled in the eddy of the waltz. Very mesmerizing and fiery salsa.

Rehearsals have come four times a week. It's very hard. After them still need to prepare for school lessons, and they ask a lot. Our coach is very bad refers to the gaps practice. I have not missed once, and my partner sometimes skips, because he goes to football, and there also are matches. I understand he loves football, I like to dance. It's his hobby.

At each performance we with mum go to a workshop where I make various measurements for sewing another dress. Our master in sewing a real seamstress, she can create dresses of incredible beauty. We sewed it has a lot of costumes. It is a pity that I'm fourteen, when I turn this date, then I'll make a ball gown with sequins. And while I'm still small, then the competition must dance in this beautiful but low-key outfits.

Of all the dances is very close to me waltz. I believe that dance must be able to every person. This dance dance at weddings, graduation parties and balls. Learn his movements easy, but you need to really try and make it work. It is in the work are comprehended all the subtleties of the dance. 

And our choreographer is reluctant to, when we grew up and established their family, then worked at her dance school. I, too, dream about it, but don't tell anyone, so as not to frighten the dream.

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