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School composition

Christmas tree
Essay for class 3 on "Christmas tree"

Fluffy snowflakes slowly fall to the ground. They are so beautiful and different, so unlike each other. The earth is already covered with white fluffy snow. So snowflake for snowflake comes to us in winter. Such beautiful moments we remember for life. 

Snow heralds our approaching Christmas holidays and a good mood. Christmas holidays love all people without exception. They dream about gifts, about the desires that are necessarily true.

Well, that's already the New year just around the corner and dad brought us to the house beautiful, green tree. She smells like a real forest and the frosty air. She grew in a dense forest, where go hungry wolves and rabbits. It stirred wind, and her singing of the song birds. It was so huge, we barely brought her into the apartment. Dad trimmed the lower branches and placed it on a special stand, so she stood stronger.

To her we are going to decorate with the whole family. Dad gets a huge box of Christmas decorations and we have fun laughing, waiting for a good time. You first need to attach the top. We have this red special attachment, there is still an asterisk. We always fight with my sister which one to wear. Then dad attaches the garland. They are very beautiful glow in the dark, as if falling to earth blue stars. Next is the turn toys. We have a lot of them and all so beautiful. First we catch large balls, they are fabulous with Christmas drawings.Then cling glass squirrels, monkeys, deer. There are lanterns and icicles, dad even bought the ribbon on a bright beautiful strawberries. The final step is the decoration of the beads to match the toys. They are so fit for our new year's beauty.

Yet we cling to a thread of chocolates and hide them in the branches to make guests bothered to find them. Under the Christmas tree we put a huge father Frost and beautiful snow-white, and beside them each put gifts to each other. But we never know what's in the boxes, because they are Packed in gift paper. This year we added on the Christmas tree beautiful snowflakes-balerinok of paper. Even a light breeze they move, as if dancing. Together we look at our beautiful Christmas tree and take pictures with her.

And after the Christmas holidays I always feel sorry for her to disassemble. Though the Forester and says that the forest should be thinned, but such a fabulous tree to throw out very bad. We put her in the yard, and it pleases us with its beauty.

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