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School composition

Best friend
One person is very bad to live in this world. One proverb says: don't have hundred rubles, rather have hundred friends. Everyone wants to have a person you trust who can be friends, share secrets. But how much should be friends? All just friends can be a lot, but friends should be enough. They must be the best.

I have a best friend. She and I are in the same class, but at a Desk not sitting. The teacher says that we are constantly talking, but she doesn't know we are discussing their case. We with her together on the choreography. She's tall and she has no partner, it is always because of this crying.

She's blonde, she has long hair, blue eyes. My girlfriend, like me, loves to read books, draw, dance. She is a kind and cheerful girl, always in a good mood. She is kind, sympathetic, close to me in spirit and look. At school she always gets good grades. Sometimes we are together doing homework. It is always interesting and fun. We never get bored. She is a very cheerful person. Knows a lot of funny stories, even jokes can come up with myself. Thanks to her I learned to roller skate and bike. She always sincerely rejoices to my victories and achievements.I wish my girlfriend was very happy!

But I got to thinking... What do you mean best friend? And for whom is it best? As they say, friends are learned in trouble. A friend will always help, understand and forgive. But before wanting it from others, you need to think what kind of friend I am. If I don't cause offense to your actions, statements, not judging, not teach you bad. Only when people evaluate their actions, honestly talk to myself, then he actually will become clear whether he is the best friend for someone. 

I will try to do everything to save our friendship, that over the years, it has become even stronger.

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