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School composition

Best friend
An essay on the topic "Best friend", 3rd class

Lonely man to live in this world is very difficult. And even the people have a saying: "a Friend is known in trouble." Each of us need people who will support, help in difficult minute and will not betray. All the necessary unselfish and loyal friend. Such a person can tell about their secrets, share experiences and just shut up. Many wonder, how much should be friends? The answer is simple, acquaintances and friends can have many, but faithful to each one.

I also have such precious and faithful man that is my best friend named Masha. We since the childhood together. We met her back in kindergarten being in the older group. From the first day we became friends and four years later, our friendship growing stronger day by day.

We're in the same class, sitting at the same Desk, and even homework to do together. And we go to the sports section in figure skating.

Mary has blond hair and hazel color eyes. We have the same interests: reading books, drawing, dancing and skating. She has a good heart, a very cheerful, optimistic minded girl. All its qualities are close to me in spirit, so I like her a lot. Sometimes my best friend let me stay overnight. Then we're having a pajama party: have fun, share intimate secrets and dream about the future. By the way that Mary taught me to love sports. On her initiative, I went with her to learn figure skating.At first I did not work and I wanted to quit and walk away. She taught me not to give up in the face of hardship, she rejoiced in my successes and sad failures, which I happened sometimes.

I, too, always ready to help, support and advice. I wish that my best friend was happy. I will never disappoint her and will not betray. I will be around in any situation, because I'm not just a classmate and a true friend.

We both seek to cherish and keep your friendship in order to carry it through the year and make it even stronger and stronger!

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