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School composition

Best friend
I have a best friend and I are very proud of that. Her name is Alina. We met a long time ago. It just so happened that our parents bought apartments in the same house, but in different entrances. When we were little our mothers walked with strollers, reeling circles in our neighborhood. Of course, daily walks them much closer together and they became friends. And then, as a little older became friends and we.

I don't remember a day I spent without my girlfriend. Together we went to kindergarten and also went to school. We learn in the same class, and as you probably have guessed, sitting at the same Desk. The school we love, the lessons we learn a lot of new information that will be useful in our future life. Day is painted literally on minutes. After school we come home, have dinner, perform homework and go to practice gymnastics. In this section our parents got us when we were four years.Came to his coach completely inept with girls, but now, after four years of training, can show the level of these gymnasts. Not so long ago, our coach chose me and Alina as the best students who will travel to regional competitions in rhythmic gymnastics. Undoubtedly we were incredibly happy, because for a long time wanted to show their skills among athletes. Continuous training of our intervention brought the desired benefits. The fight for first place was very difficult, but we coped and won first place. For me and for my girlfriend Alina it was the first victory.When we embarked on the first step of the podium we realized that with the gym we don't break up or when. Plans to reach new heights in sports and to declare to the world about their names. We believe that it is quite impossible, you just have to put all their strength and skills.

After training we have some free time and we are happy to hold it on the street. In winter we play snowballs and making snowmen in spring and summer, to drive on rollers and skateboards. There is nothing better than to spend their free time outdoors, not to sit three hours at the laptop monitor, as I prefer most of the boys in our class.

I am grateful to my parents that in due time they became friends and provided me the opportunity to meet Alina. Now I know what real friendship is and how it manifests itself.

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