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School composition

Beautiful autumn
Over the summer, just as quietly as it began. Everything around him had changed. The air was transparent, easy, and if you look, you can see the silver webs. The sun is still warm, warms us last heat. Warm it is not so much like summer. And there, in the distance, are covered birch trees, bright red is the Rowan. The leaves on the trees are already changing color and slowly begin to fall. So begins in the early autumn.

But autumn is not as simple as it seems, she's volatile, fast and unpredictable. Well, for that I love her so much? Why this time of year is so memorable to me? Now close your eyes. Let your thoughts draw autumn... Happened? How do you see it?

Here's how I see it. This is a special time of the year. The first part is lovely, warm weather – an Indian summer. Again you can admire the abundance of colors. Thoughtfully consider leaden sky and catch the face of rain. You can sit on a Park bench, surrendering to the cool breeze. Autumn - beautiful. It is maddening swirl of colored leaves that dance with flying hair. I'm always amazed at the sky. It is reflected in the river, is clean, still blue. Sometimes walk on it beautiful white clouds. It is changeable, pale and soothes the eye.The sky as if embracing you with its warmth.

I also really like how the trees wear that outfit. For his work, took the autumn the bright colors and began her painting. Birch and poplar covered it with lemon yellow. And the leaves of the aspens and maples were retromania like ripe apples. All trees and even bushes painted autumn in your own way, in autumn: one in a yellow outfit, one in bright red. Only the spruce pine Yes she did not know how to decorate. They are in fact on the branches not the leaves, and needles, and they are difficult to paint. Suppose, as was green in summer and remain. It's just a delightful picture of autumn!

But the time has come and the sky shut grey clouds, the wind rose. The rain poured down. Cold and often torrential. The sky as if it revealed their bottomless gate. Yellow leaves with a wet carpet covered the land. But I like the rain. Its cold drops falling down from the dreary sky cold ribbons down to the ground. Cold. Rains. A lot of rain, the world's best companions and friends. Fog. In the head and on the street. And the temperature that is necessary. Hurry, hurry autumn, new paint finds it for his paintings. Grey clouds cover the sky. A cold rain washes away the colorful headdress of leaves.

And suddenly changes their autumn colors. Plants grey, withered. Empty fields and meadows. More broadly, it was spacious. And pulled over them in the sky shoals of migratory birds: cranes, geese, ducks... birds Fly away to warmer climes. Wonderful get the picture. Just seems like something is not finished, as if waiting for something quiet autumn rain washed fields and forests. Looking forward to the bare branches of bushes and trees, when comes a new artist and put them in a fluffy white dress. I think it's the most beautiful time of the year!

And here I am standing at a threshold and face me flying snowflakes. White, fluffy. They fall asleep a carpet of Golden leaves. Autumn! Where are you, Golden, beautiful?! I'll be waiting for your arrival again and again...

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