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School composition

Be healthy! (essay)
My essay about how to stay healthy and how to keep from getting the flu. 

Health is the most important for any person. After all, when a person is sick, he wants nothing how to recover. Every winter comes the flu epidemic, and in our class gets ill a few people, and sometimes half the class. I rarely get sick, because my mom and dad are enhancing my health.

Every autumn our school are immunized against influenza, it is necessary to in winter, when the epidemic was less likely to get sick. But not all children make these shots. In order to get it done, it is necessary that the parents agreed to it and signed in a special paper. Some parents do not want to put this signature, and their children are left without immunizations, one-on-one with the flu. I get vaccinated every year, and I don't get sick!

To be healthy, my dad and tempered. Every day in the evening after a shower dad brings two buckets of very cold water, one to keep and one for me. First I get in the tub, and dad quickly pours a bucket of water right at me. Wow, it's such a pleasant sensation that not even pass! And then he gets in the tub and pours the bucket on himself. We do it every day in the winter and summer. First, the Pope brought very warm water and then gradually made it colder and colder.

To be healthy you need to exercise. I go to the athletics section, we've been running. I like it!

Mom says to get sick less, need to eat right. For this you need to eat fruits and vegetables, meat and fish, drink milk, tea with honey. I like fruit and milk, but fish and cooked vegetables, especially carrots, do not like. But I understand that it is necessary, and always eat what is prepared for us mom. And mom gives me special vitamins that I studied well and was not sick.

Still need to respect the day. Time to go to bed, always at the same time and time to get up, even on weekends.

My mother and I regularly go to the doctor for a checkup, it is also very important. After all, the doctor is able to see and tell my mom and if my health something is not right. Once a year mom takes me to the dentist. I really don't like it because I'm afraid to treat teeth. And every time I try to dissuade a mother from this campaign, or at least to move it. But my mother would never give in, because diseased teeth can not walk, from this, there may be other diseases, for example, can fall ill throat or ears.But even if we think that I have all the teeth healthy, we still come to the reception for the prevention of, and then I'm almost not afraid.

If you follow all these rules, you can not be afraid to get sick!

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