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School composition

Autumn is my favorite time of the year
Essay for class 3 on the topic: Autumn - my favorite time of the year

I love spring when the grass is green, Wake up the birds, bugs and comes alive all around. Winter – with all the fun holidays, gifts, games in the snow, sledding, skating and skiing. Summer – because you can forget about the lessons and happily all day swimming in the river, running barefoot in the grass. But most of all I love autumn.

How can you not love her? She's like forest beauty that put on a beautiful dress. Pleasing to the eye the many colors of autumn leaves: yellow and green and brown and gold! Isn't it magic? Go quietly, and under his feet like the leaves would sing a song – "sh-sh-sh-sh-sh-sh"! Listen to yourself and become a magician! To save this beauty I every fall doing this. Collect the most beautiful leaves, I put them in my dad's old book. Then in the summer, and in winter, admire the beauty, make different crafts. And how fun to throw these sheets!Or to build an entire mountain to hide it, to bury each other! Happiness has no limits! I also love autumn because it is not hot, but not cold! The sun is warm and gently kisses us on the cheek, and we run and we catch the face of the webs! Mom taught me how to make a wreath of autumn leaves for sisters! I have not very beautiful, but believe me, she is very happy!

And how can you not love autumn rain!? Many will say that it does not allow us to play outside, but I have rubber boots and blue, like a tidal wave cloak! Go out and enjoy jumping in puddles in the hop! About how fantastic it is. How fun! But if the rain is strong, this is also no problem! When else if not in the fall we can go with mommy and sister on the sofa, pour yourself a Cup of tea with my favorite raspberry jam and wrapped in a blanket, talking about nothing!

What delicious apples in the fall! Especially if you go to the grandmother to the village, to climb a ladder and to disrupt the most beautiful, the most juicy and ripe! Even in autumn you can collect the nuts walking the streets. Then, together with the Pope to break them, and my mother put nuts in my favorite cake!

I love autumn!

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