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School composition

Autumn came
The autumn came. The sun is warm almost summer-like, trying to give the last unspent heat. On the blue and clear sky, nearly no clouds. The wind became colder and sharp, Recalling that it's already the month of September. Among the bright greens already seen the first harbingers of autumn: yellow and red leaves. Soon they will fall from the trees and will cover all roads and tracks.

Birds are already starting to gather in flocks, preparing for the long flight to warmer climes. Everywhere else can hear their merry chatter, the chirping, which soon subsides to the new spring. Haven't started the season prolonged and violent rains, but the sky occasionally frowns. Sometimes on the ground poured rain, but the puddles dry up immediately under the last warm rays of the sun.

In the morning, becoming colder. The sky at this time a surprisingly clear, clean and high. It seems as if the freshening wind had blown all the clouds, scattered them to the far corners, so that nothing prevented the sun to give us heat. Along with red leaves and red berries. All shrubs especially if priukrasil to the beginning of autumn. Berries of different sizes gently swaying, attracting the attention of birds and small animals that make stocks for the winter. The air is a special autumn scent: the smell of freshly cut grass, hot summer, earth and ripe apples.

Nature dressed in vibrant fall colors, trying to show off before the arrival of the black and white of winter. It's like a farewell carnival, where Golden autumn tends to show all its beauty. The speed and sharpness of a hot summer gone, giving way to tranquility and calmness that is more consistent with the current time of year. Even bothersome insects, previously virtually invisible, now begin to hibernate. Their movements are slow and sleepy, do not give to forget that autumn is on the doorstep.

But before finally colder and fade bright colors, will still enjoy the last warm greetings from seasons: Indian summer. The border between summer and autumn special bright and noticeable. She seems to have absorbed the most vivid and warm colors, combined heat and brightness of summer with the slowness and cosiness of autumn. At this time, you can enjoy the warmth and the rays of the already rejuvenated, but still warm sun, and dream of the future hot summer.

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