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School composition

At the rink
Remember our new year with a smile. I spent it with his girlfriend on the ice rink. He small compared to others, but this to us was closer, and its very location in the Park is very convenient. So to say ride, and then went for a walk and then to rest. People at the rink were not that many, but it's for the best, because there was enough space for beginners such as myself. On skates and on the floor to walk is not convenient, and on the ice for the first time, so all terrible. As soon as you step on the ice, the foot really doesn't listen to you sharply and goes forward.I barely managed to grab the railing, and in the entire hour did not let them go, got a stranglehold. Friend-that although riding only three times a year ago, but were skating, clumsily, but held on. She helped me, supported. Oh, how I screamed and laughed hysterically. It was scary and fun at the same time. Such emotions you experience at this time, words can not convey. To understand you have to go through this. I'm not nearly sorry. Besides the skating rink is not only fun, but also you can meet new people.

For example, there was one man who taught his young son to stand on skates. The boy was a bit of a bloody nose, but he would try so hard. If only I had his willpower. So this man, honestly don't remember how he introduced himself, helped us. He said that the foot must first get used, and showed how to make a start. As it turned out, I was wrong. A friend showed me how to do it, but very quickly. And the man is polite, I asked again sometimes several times, but he understandingly explained everything and showed.And I started to turn, though not much, but I rode by myself.

After the rink we went to the Park to walk. So the funny thing is when we left and went down the stairs, then the road kept going, on the ice. Chagall herringbone, slightly starting. Legs so used that this picture lasted for about five minutes at least. Then we wanted to capture and we went to be photographed. Interesting places for our photo shoot was more than enough. The holiday Park is in every way adorned, put all kinds of shapes, which in the evening light. Sorry we wasn't out at that time, I think, was very beautiful then. But in addition to them, put a huge Teddy bear.Live the dream of all girls. And I've brought it to life, sat on it and hugged. Not a dream but a fairy tale. I long to tear could not. I did not want to go home.

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