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School composition

My favorite toy
Now what is there in stores, including toys - a very big selection of diverse and beautiful. Different companies, models, colors - all this can not attract every child. Even though I already go to school, but the toys still can not say goodbye. Every year I have changed favorite toy. First it was the dog that I slept all the time and anywhere without the city, and which helped me to survive the adaptation in kindergarten. Later I fell in love with the figures from the cartoon "fixies" and they were playing role-playing games.This cartoon we still watch with the whole family, it is very interesting and instructive, from him I learned a lot that even I can use at school.

But now I am 8 years old and I play older toy and remote control cars, intellectual games (I really like backgammon and playing cards). And most of all I like to build from the designer - he is now my favorite toy. This is a very interesting and fun, also very well-developed memory and can realize any fantasy into reality.

I prefer small LEGO ' with him you can really build anything, and then long to play these games and not get bored. We gather with friends and build a fire station or police station, and then come up with the game by distributing to each role. And now we play the transformers from the designer, which we take with us even in school and play at recess.

Everyone still a child at heart and the toys he changes his age, and I believe that we do not need to rush to grow up, and need to live in the present. And I appreciate my childhood, and I noticed how quickly it passes. It can not hurt, and the fact that I'm already a student doesn't mean I'm not a child. Child! And I want to play with toys and have fun, and most importantly to be happy and to do this I build your dreams from the designer and hope to bring them to reality. And while it is my little game with great hopes for the future.

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