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School composition

How I spent my summer
An essay on the topic "How I spent summer", 11th class

Here come the most exhausting time for pupils. The time of new discoveries, achievements and most importantly – goals. This is especially true of graduates of schools and professional colleges. This day opens the way to wisdom and understanding.

On that note, I better wrap this up. And I am now going to tell you how I spent the time that passed much faster than an academic year. After Last call, I with a full supply of energy rushed home. This day I waited for since the start of training. Honestly, I didn't even think about how it will spend the summer holidays. Because the sense of freedom never left me. I was as happy as ever.

The next day, the feeling is almost gone. I started to think about the future plans for my day. Two years ago I bought a very beautiful notebook in which to write goals and the date of the current day. I thought, why don't I start to use it for good purposes. The fact that I was already sure in advance. The summer will be held in favor. I was clearly the goal that I will every day to perform physical activity, namely, to make a small forced marches, rock hands, press, and other groups of muscles. And also, hanging on the bar, or the bar.

All these exercises allowed me to be alert and active throughout the day. I also went to the lake, which had a variety of water rides. I admit, I loved them very much, especially the slide. Swimming has given me extra strength and load. I was charged for the whole day. I really liked summer, because there is a lot more free time, sorry that this was not enough while training, I remember. I had one very necessary habit. To start your day I used a 6 o'clock in the morning.And it's really really good just in the morning I can focus on further work.

As I said earlier, the summer gave me more useful ideas and discoveries. I seemed to become a completely different person, changed your lifestyle, in just three short months. If you think about it, it's not so much. And therefore suggest to all the younger generation, to take the mind from the youth.

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