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School composition

The future of Arab-Israeli conflict
One of the major conflicts of the XXth century is an Arab-Israeli War. It is a very controversial topic, so I would like to highlight various opinions and give some advices from my point of view.

In the late 1940s Great Britain had a colony of Palestine and decided to create there a state of Jewish people because of a Holy City Jerusalem. The problem of Jews was very actual in a view of the WWII; the first attempts to create such a state had place in 1910s on the territory of modern Tanzania. Modern territory of Israel is much larger than it was originally declared: Israel had several wars against Arab countries (Syria, Egypt) who tried to support Palestine in case of territory segregation.

Modern status of Jerusalem is also controversial because officially Israel has its capital on the left half (but it declares that the whole city is its capital), Palestine has it on the right one. Some countries (for example, the USA) declare that Israel has the whole city as a capital; the others (mainly Arab countries) disagree with that.

The Jews were always like white crows in society that is why they always dreamt of having their own state. But all the territories had already been occupied so the decision of the Palestine separation was major step for making people happy. It a special place because there are holy places that were described in the Bible.

At the same time, that was the territory of the Arabs and when Israel started to take more and more land, it became unfair. All this unfairness is a reason for the terrorism and it is very sad that countries do not want to live in peace by having some compromises.

In my opinion, there doesn’t have to be a discrimination in any country based on religion or nationality. The biggest countries (the USA, the EU, Russia, China) have to be the intermediaries in Arab-Israeli negotiations but, unfortunately, they have different points of view about Israel’s future. In this case, Israeli and Palestinian people should find some kindness and love in their hearts in order to forget everything bad and unit for the future prosperity.

In conclusion, I hope that the people of the Middle East will stop all these wars in the nearest future and will respect and love each other. It is very important to live in peace.

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