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School composition

The circus is the best entertainment for children
 There are a lot of kinds of entertainment for children like playground areas, zoos, cinemas and the circus where they are able spend their time with joy and a lot of fun. When having that many options to choose from, the question «what the best place for children to visit» gets you really frustrated and confused. There are different opinions on this problem: some people claim that nothing is better than the circus with its incredibly beautiful performances while others think that the circus is not a great place for children to have fun.

 In my opinion, the circus is the best option for children to spend their time having fun. First of all, it gives a child an amazing opportunity to see a lot of talented people like acrobats, tightrope walkers, unicyclists in one place. That inspires children to be creative and have hobbies. Secondly, the circus is famous for their funny clowns that can make even adults laugh hard, so there are no doubts that children will feel good and happy while visiting the circus.

 However, the opponents of this view say that the circus is really bad for children because of its attitude towards animals who are taken away from their natural habitat in order to entertain us. It is bad example for children to show how we should treat animals because they will see animals as a toy that only there to make children laugh and entertain them.

 Nevertheless, I strongly disagree with the opinion. There are plenty of amazing animal-free circuses, so you merely need to choose the right circus where people can have fun without abusing animals. It is really a great option for those who truly care about animal’s rights and do not want to support people who make money from poor creatures.

 In conclusion, the best place for children to have fun has always been a controversial thing, but I hold the opinion that circuses are better than other kind of entertainment for children because of its magical atmosphere and great performance. Circuses motivate children to express their creative abilities and to dream more, which is always good when you are growing up.

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