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School composition

Sports in our life
 As for me, it is impossible to live without sport. It helps us to become happy, healthy, and strong. You can choose any kind of sports: football, tennis, boxing, swimming or basketball. Modern gyms and stadiums give us great opportunity to train.

 As for me I like badminton and football. It is always nice to watch match with my favourite football team, especially when it wins! I read international football news regularly. My favourite football team is Manchester United, which I love with all of my heart. It really makes me sad and blue when sometimes MU cannot win. Thanks God it happens rarely. My team is the best in the world and do not even try to deny it! I know the names of all the talented players and their wise coach Jose Mourinho. They are really one big friendly family.

 Badminton – is my second great passion. I play badminton since the time when I was a very little girl. My father was my first teacher. He took me to our local park and asked if I want to play. He taught me how to hold racket and showed me the beauty and elegancy of this kind of sport. I like to play badminton when I have free time. It is one of the best kinds of sports. It is not so easy to play. You must move and jump very fast to win. Only the fastest and cleverest will claim victory.

 My favourite subject at school is Physical Training. Our school teacher Yuriy Stepanovich is the greatest trainer. He teaches us how to play and tells us the rules of all the sport games. His lessons of Physical Training are very interesting, so you will never be bored. We play volleyball, basketball and table tennis. Boys like to play football in the yard while girls enjoy some gymnastics in the gym or at the school sport ground. When it is winter and we have lots of snow, our teacher allows us to ski and sledge in the sport ground. We always enjoy our lessons of Physical Training.

 I know it is very important to go in for sports. You will have good health, nice figure and joyful mood if u like sport. Besides, sport cannot exist without healthy way of life. I must advise everyone to choose at least one kind of sport and enjoy the beauty of life without smoking, drugs and alcohol.

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