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Some people claim that the Internet is the best source of information
Nowadays people have a lot of different sources of information like TV, newspapers, books and the Internet. It is very convenient for modern people who have to work and analyze so much info every single day of their lives that it can become very frustrating. Sometimes it gets really difficult to decide what is the best for searching information you need. There are different opinions on this problem: some people think that nothing is better than the Internet for finding needed information while others believe it is not like that.

In my opinion, the Internet is really better than other sources of information. Firstly, it gives an amazing opportunity to find information very quickly, which is important for busy students who have a lot of different and hard tasks to do. Secondly, with help of the Internet you can find information at home, so you do not have to go to a library or other places. It is also very helpful for disabled persones.

However, the opponents of this view say that there is a lot of false and unverified information. This can misinform people and make them uneducated about very important subjects such as the surrounding environment, what is bad and what is good for our health, about serious diseases, how to prevent them and etc. Sometimes it is done specifically to trick people into thinking what other people with bad intentions want them to think.

Nevertheless, I disagree with this opinion. The Internet has some really good sites like Wikipedia and where the information is checked by professionals, so you do not have to worry about being deceived.

In conclusion, the discussion of the best sources of information has always been a controversial thing but I hold the opinion that if you want to find verified information very quickly and easy you should definitely use the Internet which allows people to use big variety of different sources in different languages.

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