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School composition

Some inventions should not have been invented
 There are numerous things that have been invented throughout world history. A lot of them have made our lives much easier such as mobile phones, transportation, vaccination and the Internet, things we cannot imagine our life without. They have become a part of our daily routine but we cannot be that positive about every invention that has been made. There are different opinions on this problem: some people think that some things should never have been invented while others believe that every invention is good and useful because it shows how successful human progress is.

 In my opinion, there are definitely some things that humanity would be better off without. Firstly, the creation of cigarettes has led to thousands of people’s deaths from lung cancer and other very horrible diseases. We can say the same thing about alcohol and drugs. Secondly, since plastic has been made, our lives have become easier but the impact on our nature is terrible. Millions tons plastic end up in oceans each year. It destroys sea life and our own.

 However, the opponents of this view say that an invention cannot be bad as it shows the development of science and scientific knowledge. Even if an invention can be seen as a bad thing that can lead to terrifying consequences it still represents how much progress has been made in physics, chemistry, engineering and etc.

 Nevertheless, I strongly disagree with the opinion. A nuclear weapon was a big breakthrough in the world of physics, but there are millions of those who died in Hiroshima and Nagasaki because of this frightful invention. Even nowadays the threat of nuclear war is still a very big issue that scare a lot of people all around the world.

 In the conclusion, I believe that there are many things that should not have been invented because they have caused many incurable diseases and many deaths of innocent people and animals. They keep our world very unsafe place to live in and we cannot be sure that people with bad and selfish intentions will not be able to use some dangerous inventions to get what they want, so scientists should be very careful when making new things to change a whole world.

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