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Organized travel is not as interesting as independent travel
Travelling is an amazing experience that million of people love. It gives us an opportunity to see new beautiful places, meet new people and learn their culture. It helps you understand how people live in different countries and cities, which makes you a lot smarter and more intelligent. The question is – what kind of travelling is better? There are different opinions on this problem some people think that organized tours are the best for travelling while other people believe that only independent travel can give you unforgettable experiences.

In my opinion, organized tours are the better choice to travel. Firstly, you do not have to worry about secure accommodation, fresh food, local activities and interesting excursions. That is going to make your travel experience more relaxing and enjoyable with having only good memories. Secondly, travel agencies save a lot of your time because it is their job to book a hotel, issue visas and translate necessary documents. It can be more expensive than doing that by yourself, but you absolutely will be sure that everything has been done right and correct.

However, the opponents of this view say that independent travel gives you freedom of choice because it is only you who is going to decide what places to visit and where to live. They think that it makes travelling more interesting and exciting and allows you fully enjoy the atmosphere of country you are visiting.

Nevertheless, I disagree with the opinion. Most people who prefer independent travel forget about their security and do not plan a situation where something can go wrong. You have to rely only on yourself while tour agencies will help you if anything bad happens.

In conclusion, the best way of travelling has always been a controversial thing, but I hold the opinion that organized travel is better than independent one because it guarantees you a comfortable and safe journey that you will remember for the rest of your life.

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