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School composition

My summer holidays
Summer holidays give me great opportunity to relax, make new friends and prepare for the next school year. Next summer I will finish school. That is why I really needed to rest a little during my summer months and get ready for final exams.

I decided to spend my summer holidays at the village, where my favourite grandmother lives. I took some clothes, books and notebook with me and went to my grandmother. My grandmother was very glad to meet me.

She lives in an old house near the forest. It is very nice and silent place. You can see many beautiful trees and flowers near the house. The air is very fresh and crystal clear there. There is small lake near my grandmother’s house. The view is very picturesque there. I went to the forest and gathered there a lot of different berries and mushrooms. I made many photos of wild birds, butterflies and animals. I listened to the exciting music of summer forest and I liked it very much. I felt there that I became small part of the nature. My holidays at the village really helped me to relax. I read some books there and prepared for the next school year. You cannot find really quiet place in the city. Only in the village I could find such calming silence!

I came back home after my visit to grandmother and began to recollect my summer trip to the village with great pleasure. I brought home many mushrooms and berries. I showed my mother some beautiful photos of the wild nature, which I made during my summer trip. She was excited very much and asked to take her with me next time. I promised my mother to take her with me to village.

Some people prefer sea cruises, trips to distant lands and countries. They bring home heap of impressions, useless purchases and souvenirs. It is goes without saying, that tastes differ. I prefer another way of spending holidays. As for me, there is no place like our old forest. It is the only place on Earth, where you can be by yourself. When the winter comes, I will see colourful dreams about summer, forest and my holidays there.

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