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School composition

My future profession
 Next year I will finish school. The childhood is almost over and I must think about my future profession. There are a lot of good Universities and Institutes in our country. Our modern youth can choose any profession and continue studying after school. If you want to find really good job, you must continue to study.

 As for me, I decided to become a teacher of English and foreign literature. I will enter University in Moscow next spring. There I will study English and other interesting subjects. After five years of studying I will finally have my diploma. I dream about that great day of my life. How it would be nice to become a teacher!

 Teacher – is a very useful and important profession. Some people say that teachers are not very well-paid. I think you can become a good teacher only if you love children, but not money. School – is not the place for gold-diggers. I think that grateful and shining eyes of your pupils are more important than all the money of the world.

 I have always dreamed about being a teacher of English. I imagine, how will I step into my classroom and my pupils will meet me. I like to read books of different foreign writers and poets, to watch films and TV-series without translations, to listen to the American or English songs. I think that my knowledge of English language gives me great opportunity to learn this world.

 By the way, my father is a teacher too. I think that is why I choose this wonderful profession. I want to teach children, to help them to open this big world and to help them to choose their way in life.

 Everyone knows, that teaching is not an easy task. You must not only know language and literature really well, but also be optimistic, patient, calm and kind. You must not disappoint your pupils and their parents. Every teacher must feel great responsibility for the children’s success and failure.

 I have a very good English teacher at school. She gave me some wise advices how to become a good teacher. I will do my best to become really good teacher of English and literature. I will always help my pupils to master English and literature really well. My lessons will be always interesting and never boring.

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