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School composition

My flat
 My family recently bought a new flat. We looked through different newspapers, internet announcements and visited real estate agents until we finally found this apartment. It is situated on the fifth flour of the multistorey building. My mother says she lived in that house in 80s before my birth.

 My new flat is situated in a very quiet block. There are a lot of green trees and bright flowers around the house. Many shops, two bus stops and school are situated not far from the house.

 Our flat has one big living room, spacious kitchen, balcony, bathroom, toilet and hall. We have our post box on the ground floor. When I insert key inside it, turn and open metal box it is always surprising moment. This post box is a very old-fashioned and somehow it gives me some kind of nostalgy. It is funny thought, but I feel that as if in this post box still lives distant 1995 or 1985.

 If you will go to the balcony and look down, you will see a very picturesque view. My flat is situated on the last floor. That is why my nearest neighbours are pigeons. They live on the roof. Birds like to sit on the windowsill and look inside the kitchen. I feed them and enjoy their jolly company very much.

 My flat’s windows face south. That is why it is very warm in the winter. I think it is the biggest advantage. I wake up in the morning and feel as sun’s rays tickling my eyelids. In such moments sun fills room with joy and new hopes. My new flat is very light and sunny. I like to spend my free time on the balcony. It is very quiet place.

 I think that my family was very lucky to buy such apartment. It is very hard to find good and cheap flat. Besides, the last floor is a very romantic place. You can watch stars and moon at night from your window or enjoy view of the city in daytime.

 There was a time when only poets and artists lived in the rooms under the roof. The last floor gives the inhabitants another level of thinking. You feel as if all troubles were left somewhere down. Such flat gives the feeling of flight over all life problems. If you don’t believe me, visit my flat and be my guest!

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