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School composition

It is always best to wear a business suit when you have an interview for a job
When it comes to getting a desirable job, it is very important to make the right first impression, so people will have good memories while thinking about you. It is not a secret that often people judge others by their appearance- they look at your hair, makeup and analyze what you are wearing. This is why anyone who wants to get a good position should definitely think over his or her attire. There are different opinions on this problem: some can think that wearing a suit for job interviews is an obligatory thing while other people believe it is not needed to get what you want.

In my opinion, if you want to get hired for your dream job you absolutely have to wear a business suit for an interview with your employer. Firstly, it shows that you have serious intentions. That is definitely going to cause respect from the employer, who is going to think that you truly desire to get an offered position. Secondly, business suits make people look very neat and tidy, which is very important for the employer and for most of us too.

However, the opponents of this view say that people should have freedom of choice in picking their outfit for a job interview. If a person wants to wear blue jeans and his favorite T-shirt than let him do it. The most important thing in a future employee is his ambitions and intentions to carefully and thoroughly do his job, not his looks or style he prefers.

Nevertheless, I strongly disagree with this opinion. Many companies have a dress code, so if you are in a nice business suit it will show your employer that you are going to follow his rules and there are not going to be any disagreements in your partnership.

In conclusion, choosing an outfit for job interviews has always been a controversial subject, but I do believe that business suits are the best choice for this kind of events because they make a job candidate look smart and get concentrated for a good and, most importantly, successful interview.

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