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School composition

How I spent my summer in Thailand
An essay on the topic "How I spent my summer in Thailand", 10-th class

One of the most common compositions among all grades is "how I spent summer". Every year after the summer holidays, teachers give us homework to write an essay on this topic, and all the children are happy to start a story about where they were, with whom, what are your impressions after the holidays.

Parents gave me the choice of either a trip for a week in France or Thailand. I thought long and hard, weigh all the "pros" and "cons". In the end, decided for themselves that the journey to Thailand is cool. And a month later went there to understand his expanses.

In the first place – is the sea. There it is very clean, beautiful, like the blue lagoon, little people, and I really liked it, because there are a lot of beaches and the sea at all enough. In the West it is washed by the Andaman sea, on the East by the Gulf of Siam South China sea. The climate there is very pleasant, moist tropical air.

The first day I went to sea, not a bit tired, because of the palm trees for me - it's like monkeys and bananas. All the days that followed my personal guide took me to the sights, and there are many of them.

Once home, I identified the TOP 5 main sites that I liked:
  1. The Royal Palace in Bangkok, its temples and surrounding area going through the roof, they are very bright. The inside is not only a sanctuary and a school, library, hospital. Very interesting that this is the residence of many monks. This is one of the most sacred places, which is visited by the Royal family.
  2. Hot springs to San Kam Phaeng. This source, you can improve your health, people come from all over the world believing the property to be healed in this place, and it's true. The point is, the whole year from the land of rising water of 100 degrees, which is enriched in sulfur. There are separate massage rooms, pools, restaurants.
  3. The island of Koh Samui (Gulf of Thailand), also called the island of coconut palms, the improbability in the azure sea, the waterfall, white beach.
  4. White temple. In the North, this is the most unusual Buddhist structure. The Church is equipped with mirrors and white marble. I was amazed that the territory is a fish pond, art gallery.
  5. National Park DOI Inthanon is the highest mountain of the country: "the roof of Thailand". From its height you can observe the vastness of the entire country.

And it's far from all the attractions the South West of the country. After this trip, I got my second wind, now I want to create. And I devote more attention to nature.

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